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Welcome to OASIS Security & Investigative Service!!!

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

As the post says, welcome to the new OASIS Security & Investigative Service blog page. We attempt to put new, exciting content in which you will learn, have discussions about, and ultimately take away a better understanding of not just our positions but how we also incorporate those positions within the security field.

As we get going, we are looking for new content creators that will share either new or ongoing experiences, best practices, and much more that will assist not only our Protection Specialists but our partner-clients and the communities we serve as well. Each new day is a learning opportunity for all of us to be apart of, so we want to maximize that opportunity every chance we get.

What this blog and any associated comments pertaining to any blog will not due is create an environment of hostility or disparagements toward any one person, business/organization, or community. OASIS Security & Investigative Service is about advancing the community as a whole and never in-part toward the best possible safety and security for each and every partner-client we service.

We look forward to partnering with each and every one of you, whether it is crossing paths during our patrols or BBQ's at our District Offices, we want you to know that we are here for you as we are "Your #1 Go To Security Resource in the Southwest."

Michael E. Hopkins

Superintendent | Chief Executive Officer

OASIS Security & Investigative Service

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