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Corporate Office Complex Security Service


Many Buildings...

One Collaborative Service

Most security agencies for a corporate office complex do not have the type of security guard that has the necessary training or response to deal with potential threats to the site.  In addition, many more office complexes do not have security in place at all, which ultimately leaves the business(es) at a vulnerable state where any act of violence can occur without proper response from law enforcement authorities of that jurisdiction.  This can lead to many lawsuits that can place the property owner at risk of losing the entire property along with the businesses on the property having to close, all due to not providing the proper security for the site.

Don't be the one caught without having security for your site.  OASIS Security & Investigative Service stands ready to monitor your complex both locally and remotely from our dispatch center, answer calls for service with our Protection Specialists on patrol, or station our Protection Specialists on-site so that a continuous presence is available while your businesses and/or employees are on site.

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