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Construction Site Security Service


Keeping Watch on Equipment

While You Are Away

As the construction industry continues to increase with the number of new high-rise buildings and homeowner communities being built, the opportunity for nefarious or dangerous subjects to strike on your expensive equipment, tools, or other products to steal or damage these items can cost the construction project an additional expense beyond what is budgeted, potentially losing millions of dollars each year in replacement items.

OASIS Security & Investigative Service stands ready to respond to your needs for a multi-layered security service that will place both a watchful eye from a remote location in our dispatch center to a Protection Specialist patrolling the property at random intervals while you are away from the site.  You may also want to have an on-site Protection Specialist that will give you the physical presence required to show potential would-be criminals from striking at your site.  Protect your property and have peace of mind knowing that OASIS Security & Investigative Service is watching while you are away.

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