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Condominium Complex Security Service


Providing Exceptional Service

In An Urban Environment

As with apartment homes, owners of condominiums want to ensure their condominiums are safe and secure from crimes occurring in their location.  Condominium complexes offer the unique opportunity for these owners to be in a centrally located space without the added stress of maintaining a full home with lawn and other maintenance issues that a homeowner must take care of.

However, most condominiums are located in an urban environment that is surrounded by high traffic areas and have persons in and out of the building on a 24/7 basis.  Although there may be security cameras and/or electronic locks for the complex, it still will not stop potential perpetrators from entering the complex and causing nefarious acts against residents.  

The Protection Specialists of OASIS Security & Investigative Service will be the extra layer of physical security required for your association's needs.  Whether it is a random patrol presence or on-site service, our Protection Specialists are able to answer calls for service through our dispatch center as well as monitor your property from both a local and/or remote locations.  In addition, having an on-site Protection Specialist allows for constant contact of securing the property and checking for any fire hazards that may bring potential danger to our community.

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