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Churches & Houses of Worship Security Service

After Church

Protecting God's People

In Such A Time As This

One of the most uniquely challenging environments for security persons around the world is balancing the spiritual needs of the community while protecting the space in which is open to the community.  Unfortunately, with domestic terrorism and antisemitism on the rise, several instances of attacks in which churches and other houses of worship have become a target over the last few years for extremist ideology, doing harm to even some of the most innocent lives caught in the crosshairs of the assailant.

At OASIS Security & Investigative Service, we recognize this uniquely challenging environment as well as the importance of protecting members, visitors, and friends of the church and houses of worship while each is getting "spiritually fed".  As members of the community, our Protection Specialists recognize the unique history and the vital role churches and houses of worship play within the community.  Working together with the leadership, staff, and volunteers to ensure a more secure environment will allow all congregants to enjoy the safe space to be free from the distractions of the world.

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